Tower of Dreams [Android]

Ch. 3
Myth has it that ensconced within the heart of the ancient woods stands an enigmatic Tower, imbued with sorcery and home to a witch who dwells at its summit. It's whispered far and wide that any soul brave or determined enough to ascend the tower and encounter the witch will be granted the power to see their deepest desires come to fruition.

Among those drawn to this legend is Elyn—a woman of singular purpose. Her heart is set on a solitary goal: to bring aid to her kin, who have been mysteriously cast out from their hamlet, leaving her to grapple with the shadows of their hidden history. Will Elyn conquer the tower's mystic heights, or will her resolve crumble, leaving her bereft of the answers she so desperately seeks about her lineage?

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Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 3)
What’s new:
-Added an android release. Now you can play the game on your phone and enjoy it on the go.
-Over 1500 new images. (That brings the total amount of images to over 2100 images) Yes, it’s that many. This is the biggest update so far. (Hopefully) future updates will be smaller in scale and come out faster.
-Added Side Characters Screen in the Character Book (This is for characters that will have a smaller impact to the story)
-Added the ability to Fantasize in some scenes (Fantasizing will be used mostly when male characters are on screen. When fantasizing, the male characters will be replaced with the MC)
-Added actual choices to the game (No more is this a “kinetic novel” as people called it. You can now make choices for some events and their outcome. I’m starting this to a small scale with this update to test the waters and once I’m pleased with the result, I’ll continue adding more)
-Added a quick Recap when choosing to skip some chapters. (This will help some people remember key parts of previous chapters)
-The MC will get a new look during the later parts of the chapter (The changes aren’t major. Just making her sexier)
-2 new characters added as a Tower Characters (Also added some future characters that are not fully shown)
-1 new character added as a Side Character (Also added some future characters that are not fully shown)
-2 (small) Early Morning scenes (focusing on the MC and Tristy)
-2 Tower scenes (focusing on the MC and the Chamber 3 Guardian.)
-1 Fantasy scene (between the MC and a the new Side Character)
-2 Late Morning scenes (focusing on the MC and Tristy)
-1 Dream scene during the Late Morning (focusing on the MC, Tristy and Irmine)
-1 Afternoon Event with the MC
-1 Afternoon Event with Tristy
-1 Afternoon Event with Irmine
-1 Special Event with Tristy and the Older Orc (Dream Character) (Special Events are not part of the story and are voted by the good people of Patreon)
-1 Night scene (focusing on the MC and Olera)
-1 Night scene (focusing on the MC and Tristy)
-1 Dream scene during the Night (focusing on the MC, Tristy, Irmine and the Dream version of the MC)
-New portraits for some characters have been added (will be unlocked as you play)
-Extra images for some characters have been added (will be unlocked as you play)
-More background music added to various parts of the game
-More sound effects added to various parts of the game
Changes and Fixes:
-The file size of the game is now smaller than previous builds. (Due to the large amount of images, compression was necessary. The change in quality is tiny, and the smaller size of the game will be helpful for future builds.)
-Re-rendered some CGs from the Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. (Higher quality and fixed some visual bugs. Re-renders for the fantasy/dream scenes and some older images will be in future chapters)
-Remade all Battle Sprites for the MC and Rakess. Also edited one of Mog’s Battle Sprites to fit her height better. (No more weird size reduction when attacking and better quality.)
-Fantasy/Dream scenes will now be like all other scenes, but with a pink filter to indicate what they are (As I noted before, older fantasy/dream images will be remade later to fit the rest of the game)
-Edited some of the conversation sprites to remove shadows
-Re-rendered the Title Screen to a higher quality and adjusted the game title as well as the update version
-Changed Olera from a Main Character to a Tower Character in the Character Book (Makes more sense. Also updated the messages when characters are added to the Character Book to indicate what type they are. eg. Main, Tower, etc.)
-Remade the character icons in the Character Book and gave them unique backgrounds (color-coded too)
-Remade the bookmarks in the Character Book
-Made changes to the Level 2 background music so it can loop better. (Did the same for new music)
-Adjusted the volume of some sound effects. (Many sound effects were very low)
-Changed some sound effects (Mostly during sex scenes.)
-Made some changes to the first Special Event so the “View Scene” prompt doesn’t appear as often
-Changed color of damage numbers during battle to red. (Easier to see how much damage the MC’s attack can do.)
-Changed color of healing numbers during battle. (This is for Mog’s and the MC’s healing ability for now)
-Made small changes to how names are highlighted in dialogue
-Made the first two frame animations of every scene faster.
-Changed the dream character’s descriptions to reflect that they can also appear in other’s dreams and not just the MC’s
-Changed the game icon
-Fixed some grammatical and spelling errors
Rating: 7.3/10
36 votes
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