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Something Unlimited [Android]

"Something Unlimited is an interactive game that humorously combines comic book lore with the challenges of managing a brothel. In the role of Lex, you're tasked with developing a scheme to eliminate superheroes and claim a seat of power for yourself. However, the lofty goal of global dominion isn't cheap, and your pockets are nearly empty. That is until Roulette proposes the concept of a “meta-bordello”, providing you with the perfect opportunity to supply her with alluring employees in exchange for a substantial share of the earnings.

Are you capable of persuading a sufficient number of heroines, minions, and female villains to join your cause? Is it possible to expand the bordello sufficiently to fund your ultimate scheme for conquering the world? Will you overcome the good guys and gals for good, as well as oust your nefarious competitors?"

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Project QT
Changelog (v2.4.45)
Fixed —————————————
– Miss Martian vault scenes not playing correctly
– Miss Martian vault scenes not unlocking
– Donna and Cassie greying out sometimes in drag and drop menus
– Batgirl vault scenes not playing correctly
– Talia vault scenes not playing correctly
– Themyscira not unlocking correctly
– League of Shadows event playing at wrong time in story sometimes
– Prison event having too many days or too few sometimes
– Poison Ivy not being able to be broken out of prison if you break her out last
– Lobo not being in the villain selection even after unlocked
– Crush unlock not playing correctly
– Crush vault scenes not unlocking properly
– Killer Frost capture event not progressing if you start another event
– Heists being too punishing sometimes for no reason
– Poison Ivy and Mercy giving you zero percent succes in heists together
– Lobo and Parasite overlapping in heist picking
– Roxy Rocket not showing up in Iceberg Lounge sometimes
– Being unable to complete Roxy’s storyline in the Iceberg
– Roxy named EmmyLou in some scenes in the Booth
– Miss Martian cell menu not showing her costumes properly
– Artemis not showing correctly in Iceberg sometimes
– Artemis disappearing in some of her cell content
– Crush menu leading to deadends with naked costume
– Lois menu not working sometimes with Toyman costume
– Galatea disappearing in some content with Harley costume on
– Dance menu in Glamour Slam sometimes greying out all heroines
– Roulette not progressing with building Meta-Bordello
– Roulette sometimes disappearing with naked costume
– Vixen cell menu not showing correct costumes
– Game hanging on completely Hawkgirl current cell content
– Huntress not showing for some content in Teacher costume
Added —————————————
– Gotham Events
3 Backgrounds
– EmmyLou Brown Content
– Hotel Normal Intro Scene
– Hotel Cow intro Scene
– Hotel Dance Scenes
– Killer Frost 2 Content
– Penthouse Sex Scene
– Penthouse Anal Scene
– Roxy Rocket Content
– Penthouse Sex Scene
– Penthouse Anal Scene
Rating: 9.3/10
421 votes
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