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Divimera [Android]

After a devastating tempest leaves your ship in ruins, you, your sister, and her nanny are the sole survivors. Cast upon the shores of an unknown island, ultimately just you and your sister are taken in by an unregistered British settlement.

Your sister has vanished... The colonists assert she's perished, claiming the wilderness beyond the village to be unsurvivable. Yet, you are convinced of her survival and are determined to find her at any cost.

As you embark on your search, it becomes evident that the island is shrouded in enigmas, with the potential to endanger both your life and your sanity. Questions arise about the origins of these colonists, the forbiddance of the woods after dusk, the peculiar glances directed at you, and most pressingly, the fate of your sister. Your journey is further entwined by the alluring women of the island who display an intense curiosity about you while harboring their own hidden motives…

Will you manage to unravel the island's concealed truths before they overwhelm you? Or will you succumb to the allure of vice and corruption?

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