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Kathoey [Android]

Growing up with a deeply superstitious and conservative father, along with a judgmental community, May Kha has consistently been there for Mi Kha, helping her conceal her anguish and distress beneath layers of makeup. To Mi Kha, who has lived in the wrong gendered body, her elder sister is more than a sibling; May Kha has been her lifelong role model and mentor, performing the duties of a second mother to her.

Following her gender affirmation surgery, Mi Kha was warmly welcomed by May Kha to live with her in the United States for roughly a year. As May Kha navigates life, balancing her demanding career as a dedicated doctor and a joyful relationship with her future spouse, Mi Kha is embarking on her own journey, taking her first steps into her new identity as a woman with aspirations to pursue acting.

The paths of these two sisters are poised with potential and dreams. Whether they will fulfill their aspirations or face unexpected detours hinges upon the decisions you make.

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