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Rise Of The Crime Lord [Android]

Step into the shoes of Rick, the central character of this video game. Rick leads a mundane, office-bound existence that brings him no joy. His familial ties are strained, his marital bond is falling apart, and he is subjected to relentless mistreatment by his superior at work. Amidst these dreary circumstances, an unforeseen twist of fate—fortunate or unfortunate, depending on one's perspective—entangles him in the enthralling underbelly of crime and dominance. Assume the identity of Rick as he maneuvers through a treacherous maze populated by formidable mobsters, cold-blooded killers, and venal cops with a vendetta against him and his loved ones. Your survival hinges on making challenging decisions. Will you reclaim the reins of your existence? Or will you passively witness the dismantling of all that you have established? Embark on the journey to discover if you possess the mettle to ascend as a Crime Lord.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.11B EXTENDED)
Chapter 9 Part 2 v0.11 Extended

Although the title is Part 2, and this completes Chapter 9, it is in itself as long as the previous chapters. So a whole new chapter.
1970 images (74 only in the extended version).
Currently 32 new animations (3 in Chapter 9 Part 1).
A Trophy Gallery with 113 unique images.
A Replay Gallery with 73 replayable scene.
Extended Ashley sex scene, an extra Kendra scene and a scene in which the company’s CEO (Alec Freeman) and head of security (Robert Burke) talk about Rick only in the extended version.
Rating: 7.4/10
284 votes
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