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Cosy Cafe [Android]

Your difficult childhood is now a thing of the past, and as you stand on the threshold of adulthood, your vision is clear: to carve your path as an outstanding restaurateur, following in your grandfather's footsteps. For the time being, your sights are set on establishing a cozy cafe. Financial constraints and the balancing act of realizing your aspirations while completing your final year of school present numerous obstacles. Yet, you remain steadfast in your conviction that with perseverance and effort, you will forge a meaningful existence not just for yourself but also for the women you encounter on your journey.

In "Cosy Cafe," you will engage in budding romances that gradually progress towards more intimate and profound connections with several women. Your shared experiences will ultimately lead to the creation of a harmonious and affectionate group, a family of sorts. The narrative will emphasize tender yet assertive male leadership, and as the bonds deepen, the story will explore the dynamics of a loving and adventurous intimate life.​​

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.9)
It’s the longest update yet, containing an additional 24,000 words, 1355 renders, and 41 videos.
Rating: 9.3/10
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