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Projekt: Passion [Android]

Long ago, Earth was left behind, and humanity's remnants have scattered throughout the cosmos. The details of Earth's fate have faded into the mists of time.

But that's of little concern to you, considering your current predicament.

You've narrowly escaped being killed, although it cost you your residence. Just another typical occurrence, isn't it? Except, this incident comes with a twist – your partner has disappeared without a trace, and it's your responsibility to uncover her whereabouts. A cautionary note: be prepared, for seeking these answers might just catapult you into far more epic quests than you anticipated. It might be wise to bring an extra meal.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.10)
– Continuation of the story
– 888 new renders
– 11 new lewd animations
– 6 new achievements
– More words and stuff
Rating: 8.8/10
229 votes
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