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Elena’s Life [Android]

Each release will capture a two-day slice of Elena's experiences as she adjusts to her new urban setting. Your objective is to amass Corruption Points to gradually reduce Elena's inhibitions. Every iteration includes a covert event that you must discover and activate, propelling Elena into titillating scenarios. To escalate Elena's level of Corruption, selecting the appropriate conversational choices is essential.

It's important to note that Elena's transformation into a more promiscuous individual won't happen overnight. Initially, the focus in early releases will be more on establishing the characters and fundamental narrative through dialogue rather than explicit sexual encounters with unknown individuals.

As the narrative unfolds, Elena will encounter a diverse cast of characters. Ultimately, she has the potential to engage in intimate activities with nearly every character, contingent upon the choices you make for her. I assure you, the game promises to be extremely stimulating, featuring high-definition visuals and scenes that are sure to captivate you.

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