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The Seven Realms [Android]

R3 v0.03
For centuries, the prince of vampires, now named Darius, has strived to uphold a fragile peace across the kingdom. Following the passing of their Queen and the subsequent indifference that plagued their king, the burden of re-establishing harmony fell upon Darius's shoulders. During an otherwise mundane gathering of mortals, Darius detects an unusual fragrance that beckons his attention. His investigation leads him to Leyala, a mysterious individual harboring secrets. As Darius endeavors to unravel the truths Leyala conceals, he inadvertently sets off a series of adventures that will whisk them through the expanse of The Seven Realms.

Project QT
Changelog (R3 v0.03)
Released – 16/02/24
336 New Images
3 New Multi-Angle Animations (15 angles)
1 Transition Animation
1 New Trophy
1 New Gallery Entry
3 New Music Tracks
1 New Unlockable Title Menu Background
Several New Sound Effects
New Glossary Entries
Gallery Scene Filters
Ability to Quick Load saves.
Ability to turn off the flashing moon that shows after dialogue.
Fixed a UI sound effect bug where two sounds played at one in the Extras Menu.
Fixed alignment of glossary screen text when only one line was present.
Replaced the image on the Warning screen.
Background changes regarding translations to be added in future.
Rating: 7.5/10
395 votes
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  1. July 3, 2022 at 4:13 pm

    400 years playing medieval babysitter and now this edgy vamp prince sniffs out a plot device? #TwilightCalledWantsItsPlotBack