Dating My Daughter: Chapter 2 [Android] Download

Dating My Daughter: Chapter 2 [Android]

v0.20 Extras
In the role of a divorced father who has been estranged from his daughter for many years, you now have a pivotal opportunity. Your daughter, now an adult at 18, reaches out to you with a desire to reconnect through a "father-daughter" date. This presents a chance to deepen your understanding of your daughter, foster a meaningful bond, and, hopefully, lay the groundwork for more shared moments together in the future.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.20 Extras)
About this update (SPOILER ALERT)
So, if you’ve already played the last update, you would know that D, F and Elena will be heading back to the town after a couple of nights out in the countryside.
There will be a couple of key confrontations and realizations discovered in this update for all characters involved. How will that affect your relationship with D, or even Elena (if you’re on her path)? You’ll find out soon enough!
As you would’ve seen from the previews earlier this week, Georgina and Jennifer will reappear in this update.
Be sure to contact at least one of them when the time is right, as that could affect your relationship with them later in the game.
This new update will be focused on D and F inching ever closer to that grand moment where they will not only be free of D’s protective and manipulative mother Rachel, but they might actually be able to finally consummate their relationship!
Will that happen in this update? Again, you’ll have to play the game to get answers to these questions, and more!
Depending on what path you are on, Elena will also have some big decisions to make regarding her relationship with you, the secrets she knows about you and D, and if she lets Jennifer in on those secrets!
Rating: 6.5/10
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