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Matrix Hearts [Android]

He had the potential to become a notable figure, on track to become a true competitor. But fate took a sharp turn when a rock climbing accident injured his knee. As an aspiring Olympic climber, the injury dashed his hopes of competing and reaching the pinnacle of the sport. The only potential solution is an experimental, almost futuristic technology. Now, grappling with a reclusive demeanor, surrounded by a town filled with vibrant personalities, and facing various lures, he must muster all his strength and resolve. He faces a metaphorical mountain to ascend if he is to reclaim his status as a champion.

Project QT
Changelog (v3.2))
Chapter 3 Part 1 ()
+1700+ new renders
+The complete first arc of Chapter 3
+10+ new licensed songs
+All new graphics
+1-3 hours of gameplay depending on read speed, attention to renders, and replays
This update does not have animations! There are a few in there for programming, but they have been edited for this edition of the game. This includes the Otter Hunt images. Both are coming in the next update in a week or two.
Rating: 9.7/10
62 votes
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