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Camp Hill Range [Android]

At Camp Hill Range, you and your sister embark on a thrilling adventure at a summer camp, marking your first escapade away from the comforts of home. Seize the opportunity to forge new friendships, engage in a myriad of games and activities, and discover the wonders that lie within the campgrounds and beyond.

Our game immerses you in distinctive storylines, where you will meet captivating characters and encounter a diverse range of fetishes. As the days unfold, your experience at Camp Hill Range may surpass your wildest expectations.​

Project QT
Changelog (v0.05)
Added a new location Swimming Pool
Started Marge storyline
Added a new mini game (Marge storyline)
Added cabin 14 (Tiffany and Maggie main location)
Сontinued Tiffany and Maggie storyline
Added a random event with Julia
Added a random event with Harold and Scarlett
Reworked sprites of some characters (Anthony and Henry)
Added money cheats
Rating: 9/10
24 votes
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