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Project Atmosphere [Android]

v0.4 P2
Project ATMOSPHERE is an enthralling Sci-Fi visual novel, drawing inspiration from groundbreaking games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and the Deus Ex franchise. It features stunningly intricate renders and a rich, mature narrative.

In this tale, you're transported to the not-too-distant future and step into the shoes of a fresh university graduate. A twist of fate plunges this young protagonist into a thrilling saga that will determine the destiny of his cosmos.

As you delve into this newly-forged reality, you assume the role of a representative for the "Atmosphere agency." Your mission: to combat extradimensional menaces threating our existence.

Embark on the voyage within "project ATMOSPHERE" and engage with a diverse cast of individuals, each with their own distinctive backstory. These encounters may lead to alliances or friendship, as you collectively strive to shield our realm from extraterrestrial incursion.

Behold the Project ATMOSPHERE

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.4 P2)
v0.4 P2
So… our work in numbers:

2900+ new static renders
58 new reward renders
110 new animations
70 new BIOS pics
27 new licensed music tracks

New Events:

A story event with Vanessa
A story event with Jesse
A story event with Yui and Alice
A huge story event with Yui, Amy, Alice, and Lily
A huge and very hot event with Yui and Alice
A huge, fun event with Vanessa
A big story event with Amy


Smart LEWD Mechanic: We’ve tweaked this mechanic a bit to make it more interesting.
The game has been updated to the Renpy version 8.0.3
We have added a large section to the rewards gallery. We will be adding some custom renders and other arts to this section. At the moment, we’ve added 58 renders. They will be available to you after 22 game day have passed.


We have fixed a lot of bugs that we found and that you reported to us.
Fixed some issues that players were having on game days 1-10.
Replaced the renders for the ‘Meet Amy’ event. Also partially rewritten the event dialogue. (You don’t need to replay it)
Replaced the reward renders and the first BIOS avatar for Amy.
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