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Pine Falls [Android]

As an accomplished author, you sought a break from urban life to refresh your thoughts and rekindle your creativity. While en route to explore some quaint towns, you encounter an inexplicable accident that defies explanation, leading you to arrive in a small, mysterious town known as Pine Falls. This is where you cross paths with Alice, Mia, Grace, and other locals who share with you a bizarre tale. They recount how, in recent years, individuals—predominantly men—began to disappear, leaving only a handful of residents. Moreover, they caution you with a chilling revelation: any attempted departure from Pine Falls results in an inexplicable return from the opposite direction, and that peculiar occurrences transpire beyond the town's confines under the cover of darkness. While your rational mind dismisses these stories as mere illusions, a part of you wonders if there might be a kernel of truth to their ominous warnings.

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Project QT
Changelog (Part 2 v0.5)
This update brings the last endings, the one with Grace and Alice, the one with Lilly and the one where you stay in town and discover the truth about what’s happening in Pine Falls.
Rating: 9.7/10
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