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Jikage Rising [Android]

ARC 3 v2.09E
Without much to your name in Konoha, you are unexpectedly thrown back in time. Guided by the enigmatic Saru, you uncover the latent power of your clan, granting you the capacity to sway others into becoming your loyal adherents. Your mission is now to seek out and persuade critical kunoichi who will play pivotal roles in your endeavor to restore your clan's prominence.

Project QT
Changelog (ARC 3 v2.09E)
-Battle system restored, more missions to come
-Resource update for buildings
-Trading implemented
-Added Kurenai’s events
-Added 3 Kurenai’s woohoo scenes
-Added Kushina and Karin’s to the night calling menu
-Added animation for Hinata’s public scene
-Added animation for Ino’s public bj and shadow clone scene
-Added animation for Shizune’s public scene
-Able to walk around naked after recruiting Kurenai
-Outfits can be changed now (outfit unlocking quests planned)
-Updated night time UI
-Added labels for the town
-Tsunade and Shizune have outfit screens now, though no outfits quite yet
-Audio updated for the room
-Profile pages for the girls added (let me know what other info you want included)
-Fixed a couple of more issues with the outfit system, including the Konoha girls corrupted outfits not unlocking properly.
-Hey all, apologies for the errors, I’ve uploaded and fix and that should, well, fix it! We will be back to adding scenes and I will have the combat system sorted out by the next release!
Rating: 8.4/10
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