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School Of Love: Clubs! [Android]

"School Of Love: Clubs!" is a premium Dating Sim/Visual Novel game enrichened with over 23,000 words of captivating narrative, featuring more than 16 characters to meet and interact with. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning experience with over 2,200 images and 302 animations, and engage in 28+ distinct events that cater to a diverse array of interests across various girls and your club, all starting from the prologue.

As you delve into the game, you'll discover an array of hidden surprises, from easter eggs and secretive items to collectible cards and additional characters that enrich the gameplay. Embark on a remarkable odyssey filled with excitement and intrigue.

In the role of a high school student who didn't get to choose their own club, you find yourself caught in the crossfire of a rivalry between two different clubs. Your mission is to carve out your place, build strong friendships, and cultivate your relationships. Your quest is far from over as you peel back layers of secrets and solve the enigmatic puzzles that await you.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.8.7)
Added a new Secret Object with it’s event
Added a new lewd Easter Egg
Added 9 new Patron Cards for the Patron Stash
Now you can see the character portraits full screen by just clicking on them
Made some changes to the Splash Screen for new NijuKozo logo
Made some changes to the Quick Navigation Screen for new character portraits
Catching Bats are way easier now
You can add more girls to your favorites list now
Added expand future to the favorites list for quick access
Designed a new Main Menu
Designed a new Game Menu
4th Page is added to the Patron Stash
Made some changes to one of the previous Easter Eggs
Added Others to the Character Details screen
Fixed a reported bug related to Elena’s 50k sCoins situation
Fixed a reported bug where Katarina was sending two different messages at once
Removed the old gallery from the Game Menu
Added new cherry-picked H-scenes for the gallery
Changed the Main Menu’s background image
Changed the Quit Menu’s background image
Added a new item to Cindy’s Shop
Implemented performance improvements
Updated the cheat codes
Made some changes to the Messages UI for new portraits
Tips tab is accessible from every character’s detail now
Made some changes to the Emoji system for the Messages. They are colorful now
Changed the game’s logo in the Main Menu.
Quick Menu is easier to control now
Fixed some typos
Additions to the v1.8.7 Changelog for the Second Early Access:
Fixed some UI related bugs
Rating: 9.1/10
299 votes
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