How To Fix The Future [Android] Download

How To Fix The Future [Android]

Embark on a journey as a young man whose life is defined by the day-to-day monotony of retail work and nightly video game escapes. His existence isn't one touched by fortune or fairness. However, everything transforms when mysterious gaming disks begin appearing across the globe. The emergence of two future agents catapults him into an odyssey with repercussions far greater than anything he could have envisioned. What unfolds is the greatest adventure of his life, as he unveils the enigmatic elements of time itself. During this path, encounter remarkable women and navigate your situation with the choices presented to you, each one capable of shifting the course of time.

This narrative-driven science fiction adventure unfolds through a tale set in both the present and the imminent future. It contains a significant amount of sexual content, yet this is not the central theme of the experience.

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