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Sanguine Rose [Android]

"Sanguine Rose" is an adult-oriented interactive story in a fantasy medieval setting, created by the artist known as Duski and the coder named Hallows. In this game, you step into the shoes of Roman, a mercenary charged with the mission to apprehend and deliver Carmen Valentine, a high-ranking enemy general.

The tale of "Sanguine Rose" unfolds as Roman and his group of mercenaries find themselves confined in the snowy hamlet of Whitewood alongside their recently seized captive: the illustrious High General Carmen Valentine. As the team ponders their forthcoming moves, Carmen schemes to exploit every resource at her disposal to break free.

Carmen is not only a formidable warrior but a seductive and powerful pleasure-seeker as well. Once aware of her predicament, she will try to outwit Roman and his allies. The course of the storyline heavily relies on your decisions, offering a vast selection of actions to take. The game challenges you to either charm Carmen or resist her manipulations. The key lies in maintaining control as she attempts to manipulate the situation to pit you against your own comrades – or turn them against you.

Helping you in your quest are three distinct mercenaries, each boasting a unique background and abilities. You'll meet Markus, the crafty rogue adept in brokering secrets and shady deals; Glasha, an imposing full-blooded orc renowned for her combat prowess and love of strong drink, as well as Crow, the loyal half-orc who serves as your navigator in the treacherous lands of Skagen.

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  1. December 18, 2023 at 3:03 pm

    Betting five gold that Glasha can outdrink everyone