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Hybridia [Android]

In the fleeting moments as darkness surrounds you and you draw what you believe to be your last breath, an unexpected entity materializes. It is none other than the goddess Aphrodite, who extends an offer as seductive as it is surprising – the opportunity for another life in the mysterious realm of Hybridia. It's an offer that one could scarcely turn away from.

However, upon awakening in this new existence, it becomes apparent that Aphrodite hasn't told you the whole truth. As her chosen representative, you've been endowed with a peculiar and potent ability – the power of Lust. Yet, this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. You are not the sole champion in this land; warriors representing other gods also stake their claim, their intentions towards you shrouded in shadow. Your selection for this role and the presence of an enigma named Steve only further complicate the unfolding narrative.

Your journey through the twisted landscapes of Hybridia will be fraught with trials and temptations, as you grapple with the allure of the power at your fingertips. The pressing question remains: Will you give in to the intoxicating force within you, or will you ascend as the supreme Champion of Hybridia? The decision lies in your hands; make it with care, for your destiny in this bewitching world hangs in the balance.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.2.12)
– 706 new renders (including 8 new animations).
– 1160 lines of code.
– 1 new character.
– 8 new sounds.
– 2 new music themes.
– Map of Marisburg, the new city.
– Implemented new in-game currency mechanics; currently not in use.
– Reworked map of the Mageholm city.
– Reworked many dialogues and corrected typos of the previous releases.
– Optimized images to reduce game file size and improve performance.
– Fixed the Lust Power interface, which was not functioning properly during and after the
combat in the previous release.
– Fixed some issues with the Girl’s menu to make the rotation of alternative portraits work better.
Rating: 9/10
26 votes
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