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Double Perception [Android]

"Double Perception" is an immersive game that transports players between two distinct environments: the familiar terrain of Earth, known as Reality, and the fantastical virtual landscape of Dawn of Arcanum (DoA), accessible exclusively with a VR headset.

Dive into each realm to uncover fresh prospects, forge connections with a myriad of characters, and strive to achieve the esteemed status of a notable player.

The game brims with high-quality 3D artwork, captivating animations, a sense of humor, hidden surprises, and inventive gameplay elements. Expect these features to expand and enrich the experience as the game continues to evolve.

A diverse array of stunning characters await to engage with players across both worlds. Present your landlord and roommate with VR headsets to unlock a plethora of new interactions and animations, including those intended for mature audiences (NSFW content).

Discover more by watching the Double Perception .

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Project QT
Changelog (v3.5)

New Animated Scene (2 animations) – DoA Threesome with Kim and Rachel – Sex
New Animated Scene – DoA Threesome with Riley and Jennie
New Scene – Jennie After Date Sex
New Animated Scene – Sleeping with Kim and Rachel – BJ


Fixed reappearance of the “Dinner Talk” event in scene options
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