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Isabella: Chasing Shadows [Android]

"Isabella: Chasing Shadows" is an adult-oriented visual novel that combines elements of erotica and thriller, immersing you in a story where your decisions are crucial. You are drawn into a gripping quest to solve the murder of your fiancée after her untimely death by a supposed hit-and-run.

Your life shatters when your fiancée, a committed investigative journalist, is killed under mysterious circumstances.

Despite the police hastily dismissing the incident as an accident, you can't shake off the haunting doubt that a murder took place—one that they're neglecting to probe into.

Fueled by a resolute need for closure, you set out to expose what truly happened, engaging the expertise of both trusted friends and newfound accomplices in your journey towards justice.

Your search for the truth pulls you into the grim recesses of the city, involving you with an enthralling supermodel, a past companion with vast influence, and an enigmatic network operating in the shadows.

Can you unravel the hidden evils of the city that was once dear to you? And, when confronted with the ultimate choice: will you chase justice for the partner you've lost, or will the seductive path of vengeance claim you?

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