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A Life Worth Living [Android]

Ch. 5 P1
In the game, you step into the role of Fred, an ex-military individual (though you're free to choose any name you prefer). He has a spouse and has experienced a rollercoaster of events throughout his life. As you navigate through the game, you will make crucial decisions that shape his path. With a diverse array of characters, each has a significant impact on the main character's story.

Project QT
Changelog (Ch. 5 P1)
– 1300+ New renders.
– 54+ animations.
– Save compatibility from previous versions.
– Updated Scene Gallery
– Music for earlier chapters (till Chapter 1/2 + Chapter 5 (initial part)). We will be adding more music & sounds in a patch later on.
– In-game Walkthrough (can be activated/deactivated from the ‘preferences’ menu).
Rating: 7.7/10
34 votes
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