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Detached [Android]

"Detached" is a provocative blend of psychological horror, dark comedy, and dating simulation, engaging themes of mental well-being, illness, and eerie phenomena.

The narrative centers on Daine, a 25-year-old individual who is just beginning to grasp the essence of living, embarking on a journey of self-recovery and personal understanding.

However, the story takes a twist as Daine navigates a world influenced by forces both ordinary and otherworldly, with various entities guiding his destiny's current. Among these forces is you, the Hand of Fate.

In the role of the Hand of Fate, you are tasked with directing Daine through his everyday encounters, making decisions that influence his interactions and romantic pursuits. Your choices determine how relationships evolve and delve into each character's background and story, as the world's enigmas gradually unfold around you.

For those audacious enough, there might even be a chance for intimate connections. Hold tight, as only the unashamed will navigate these complex bonds.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.9.1)

3 Main Events
1 drēm Event
10, 183 Words
599 Renders
18 Animations
4 new songs
THEM PESKY CAPITALISATIONS FOLLOWING ELLIPSES HAVE BEEN FIXED. The ones that didn’t make sense, anyway. One of my players were kind enough to compile an entire list of them for me, and I have managed to chunk all of the ones that were gross and grammatically incorrect out.
Some minor grammatical errors fixed
Some minor bug fixes
Finally updated the Shout Outs screen.

JUST A NOTE FOR THE END OF THIS UPDATE: This update ends on the (final) cliffhanger of this chain of events. Unlike the previous update, it ends on an automatic infinite loop.
If saved on that screen, you will get an error upon loading it again warning of an infinite loop. Just hit ignore to go back to the end screen, as it should resolve itself in the next update.
That said, I do suggest a quick scroll back and save just before that screen just in case. I am a noob coder and therefore am, by no means, an expert in these things.
Rating: 8/10
35 votes
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