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Detached [Android]

"Detached" is a provocative blend of psychological horror, dark comedy, and dating simulation, engaging themes of mental well-being, illness, and eerie phenomena.

The narrative centers on Daine, a 25-year-old individual who is just beginning to grasp the essence of living, embarking on a journey of self-recovery and personal understanding.

However, the story takes a twist as Daine navigates a world influenced by forces both ordinary and otherworldly, with various entities guiding his destiny's current. Among these forces is you, the Hand of Fate.

In the role of the Hand of Fate, you are tasked with directing Daine through his everyday encounters, making decisions that influence his interactions and romantic pursuits. Your choices determine how relationships evolve and delve into each character's background and story, as the world's enigmas gradually unfold around you.

For those audacious enough, there might even be a chance for intimate connections. Hold tight, as only the unashamed will navigate these complex bonds.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.12.1)

1 Main Event
3 Diana Events
3 Lupe Events
2 Kyle Events
6 Generic Events
1,375 Lines of Dialogue
15,215 Words
475 Renders
1 new song
Change made to Lupe’s weekday bar hangout. Before Lupe would work at The Dive all week. This has been changed to match the narrative, and she no longer works at The Dive during the week once Rose is introduced.
Change made to Rose’s and Zeke’s weekday club hangout. Before, both would be available during the week. This has been changed to match the narrative, and they no longer work at The Hideout during the week.
Made adjustments to the History screen so that the lines of dialogue aren’t spread so far apart.
The sandbox portions now have dedicated Back buttons so you don’t have to scroll back!
Temporarily removed Zeke’s Jam Session in order to prevent an avoidable crash. It will be put back in when I finally having it running correctly.
Some minor grammatical errors fixed
Rating: 8/10
35 votes
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