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Our Red String [Android]

Ch. 12 Prologue Full
Lena and Ian are uniquely individual in character yet find themselves at a similar crossroads in life, both grappling with the pursuit of their aspirations and nursing the wounds of love.

Their paths are set to converge, weaving not only with each other's but also with a tapestry of personas who will leave an indelible mark on their identities and destinies.

They stand on the brink of experiencing the pinnacle of romance or the abyss of desire, the bond of companionship or the sting of deceit, the valor of ethics or the shadow of corruption, the triumph of success or the bitterness of defeat… And it is you who will steer their journey. However, beware, as choices can intertwine in complex ways, resulting in unforeseen chaos—so tread carefully as you weave the fabric of their Red String.

Introducing the Our Red String .

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Changelog (Ch. 12 Beta)
Here’s the Beta for Chapter 12’s tournament update! Major bugs from the Alpha have been fixed, some additional dialogue pertaining to the Cherry/Holly routes has been added, plus a new Stalkfap scene and a small expansion to one of the sex scenes. The Full release will expand on another scene from Chapter 11.
This part of Chapter 12 focuses on the MMA tournament, while trying to advance some plotlines with character relationships. You might also find a particularly intense and maybe unexpected scene if you’re on a certain path…
I had to go back and fix somewhat of a plothole regarding the Cindy love path: turns out Ian hadn’t yet broken up with Lena and/or Alison even though he said he would, and as I was writing this chapter, I realized adding those event now would feel out of place. A quick replay of Chapter 11 might be needed to avoid possible bugs. I’ve also tweaked some “kickboxing” requirements that apparently made impossible to get to the master level during chapter 11, did you encounter this problem?
I also took the opportunity to tweak Seymour’s scene in this last chapter, and add something I had in my mind but wasn’t able to include. I wanted to save it for later, but it made so much sense to include it in this scene, and I had to.
Regarding the tournament itself; I knew I wanted to create a narrative-driven fighting system since before starting ORS, that’s why I included the MMA training concept right from the start. I know it’s not really integral to the plot of an erotic game, and some of you will skip entirely and wish I hadn’t devoted the time I did (because, in the end, I made it way more complicated than I probably should).
But for those who try it, I hope you enjoy it; some tweaking and balancing is probably still needed, and I’m not entirely sure how easy it is to win or lose. I’ve tested it quite a lot and I believe it works as intended; it’s been a real head-ache to build but I also had quite a lot of fun, so it’s a side-quest I enjoyed and I hope the effort put into it translates into something fun and enjoyable for players too.
Rating: 9.2/10
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