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Our Red String [Android]

Chapter 12 BETA
Lena and Ian are uniquely individual in character yet find themselves at a similar crossroads in life, both grappling with the pursuit of their aspirations and nursing the wounds of love.

Their paths are set to converge, weaving not only with each other's but also with a tapestry of personas who will leave an indelible mark on their identities and destinies.

They stand on the brink of experiencing the pinnacle of romance or the abyss of desire, the bond of companionship or the sting of deceit, the valor of ethics or the shadow of corruption, the triumph of success or the bitterness of defeat… And it is you who will steer their journey. However, beware, as choices can intertwine in complex ways, resulting in unforeseen chaos—so tread carefully as you weave the fabric of their Red String.

Introducing the Our Red String .

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Changelog (Chapter 12 BETA)
Here’s the Beta for Chapter 12! Small bugs have been ironed out and some tweaks and improvements added, but there aren’t major changes from the Alpha (excpet a small extension of a texting scene, with 3 new illustrations added).
As you know, in this update will be focused on the beach house event, which will be concluded in the next release to cap off this long chapter. Also, a new companion will be joining Ian and his friends during their summer vacation
(I’ve also added a small addition to the mma torunament scene, if anyone’s curious and wants to check it out, to set up some future plot points).
Rating: 9.2/10
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