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Witch Hunter [Android]

"Witch Hunter" is an interactive visual novel created using the Ren’Py software. It features a variety of mini-games and multiple endings for players to discover. The story follows the protagonist, Lord Cedric, who adopts the alias Rick Hoffman to blend in as the proprietor of a library and bookshop. Under the directive of Prince Phobos, his mission is to locate the rightful heir to the throne and disrupt the unity of the Guardians of the Veil.

This visual novel serves as an adult parody of the animated series "W. I. T. C. H." and players with knowledge of the original series may find a deeper appreciation for the story and enjoy the game more. Nevertheless, this background is not strictly necessary to play.

Players step into the shoes of Lord Cedric, tasked by Prince Phobos to infiltrate the mortal realm, search for his sister, the heir of Meridian, and weaken the Veil's protectors.

Taking on the role of a librarian, our lead character gains the trust of the Veil's guardians and seeks to undermine their unity. The game presents questions about the identity of the throne's successor, the choices Lord Cedric will make, and whether he will succeed in his quest to charm each of the game’s female characters.

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Changelog (v0.20)
– Added continuation of the main storyline (Contains content with all the guardians of the veil)
– Added about 20 NSFW scenes
– Animated 3 new and 2 old NSFW scenes and
– Added 4 new backgrounds
– Added 7 new variations of clothing for the sprites of the guardians of the veil
– Added 1 new character Julia
– Added about 5 story scenes
– Added 1 new page in the store’s magazine
– Fixed some issues when there was no translation in English
-Other minor fixes and innovations
Rating: 8.9/10
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