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Doctor Amana, Sexual Therapist [Android]

"Doctor Amana: Sexual Therapist – Patient 001 (DAST-001)" is envisioned to kick off a series of interactive visual novels. This innovative series presents a branching storyline where the main character, who is a patient, confides in his therapist about his intimate experiences and relationships. As the patient unveils his narrative, your decisions as the reader will shape the trajectory of the plot. The choices you make will influence the dynamics of the protagonist's relationships and dictate the contours of his intimate life.

In the inaugural tale, "Patient 001," you step into the shoes of Roger Harrington, a middle-aged executive facing a pivotal downturn in his career. With his professional life hanging in the balance and personal life in disarray, he seeks out every conceivable form of escapism. The narrative offers seven potential romantic interests that Roger can engage with concurrently. Your pivotal decisions will determine Roger's romantic involvements and the nature of each—be they grounded in love or driven by desire. Here are your romantic prospects:

- Emily – Roger’s sophisticated wife, whose allegiance he's maintained until the unfolding of the story.

- Cassie – A longstanding friend of the family who has been part of Roger’s life for years.

- Jane and Amanda – Cassie’s high school acquaintances; Jane is a fiery young dissenter, while Amanda is a prodigy with a passion for anime.

- Lupita – Roger’s newly hired Bolivian housekeeper, who is a single mother.

- Nanami – A fellow executive from Roger’s workplace, arriving from the main office in Japan.

- Monica – Roger’s new personal trainer, an African-American woman guiding him on his fitness journey.

Will you keep true to your wife, explore a novel romance, create a circle of love interests, or abandon the complexities of romantic connections entirely? The power to decide lies in your hands.

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Changelog (v2.0.0)
– Cassie Chapter 03

Version 2.0.0 picks up where Version 1.1.5 Ends.
If you have not played v1.1.5 Below, it is recommended you do so first.
Saves from v1.1.5 do not work with v2.0.0.
There is an option to “replicate your save” from v1.1.5 when you start a new game so you may continue where you left off in the previous version.
Rating: 8.8/10
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  1. August 10, 2023 at 5:46 am

    Yo, this MC Roger is the epitome of a simp. Man’s supposed to be a high-flying exec but instead, he’s just another doormat, whimpering about his sad-sack life. How am I supposed to enjoy any kind of power fantasy when the protagonist’s so moronic? Give me an MC with some grit, not this mopey mess who probably can’t decide on breakfast without a therapist. Get it together, game devs, no one wants to play as a wimp searching for validation in every skirt he sees. Pathetic