Welcome To Hell – The Vampire Chronicles [Android] Download

Welcome To Hell – The Vampire Chronicles [Android]

v0.7.0 TEST
A youthful couple, bound together since childhood, conclude their schooling and set out toward the comfort of their home, unaware that the journey may hold unexpected twists.

Their dreams were flawlessly aligned: to enroll in college, secure part-time jobs to manage expenses, and escape the perilous area they called home. They seemed to be the perfect match, their lives interwoven by fate and ambition.

Tragically, the events of one fateful evening culminated in loss, sparing not every soul. A miraculous opportunity for a second beginning emerged from the aftermath, heralding a transformation that would irrevocably alter the existence they once cherished.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6.0 Gold)

*Chapter 7 teaser: added Renders(+116) – Animations (+1)
*Episode 1 is being remade and has been added Renders(+135) – Animations (+1)
New end credits video included.
Bug Fixes
This update includes a post-credit scene with approximately 15 minutes of additional gameplay, as well as new images with higher quality added to chapter 1 of the 1st season.
It is important to note that the post-credit scene is a fundamental part of the story, so I recommend that you watch it until the end to fully enjoy the experience.
Rating: 8.9/10
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