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Agent17 [Android]

You are a nondescript student with mediocre academic performance, barely noticed as you fade into the fabric of school life. Periodically, you encounter harassment from bullies, who may even resort to theft or manipulate you into obeying their whims. On a pivotal day while on your way home, you chance upon a broken phone that becomes the catalyst for an extraordinary transformation in your existence.

In defiance of expectations, this extraordinary phone grants you access to the services of an enigmatic individual known as Agent17, who follows the orders of the phone's possessor. With this newfound power, you quickly ascend from your previous struggles, vanquishing the bullies that once plagued you and seeking retribution against the dismissive school authorities.

Your previously dull school experience takes an exhilarating turn as you begin to forge bonds with an array of talented and intriguing peers. Your relationships deepen, revealing their closely-guarded secrets. With the formidable capabilities of Agent17 at your command, you explore their clandestine backgrounds. You come to the realization that your life is abundant with enthralling revelations, each awaiting your discovery.

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Changelog (v0.23.6)
-map quest error
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