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Unlimited Pleasure [Android]

Unlimited Pleasure is a complimentary interactive adult game blending elements of a dating simulator and visual novel, thrusting a young and sexually uninitiated protagonist into the initiation of his adult life's journey.

Embark on a narrative adventure for each character, hone your talents, charm the closest friends of your mother, forge deep connections, decide on the woman who will be your inaugural intimate partner, discover true love, and achieve the overarching objective:
To immerse yourself and delight in every facet of adult pleasures! Enjoy free exploration, engage with five stunning main characters, utilize a full day/time system to guide your actions, explore first-time sexual experiences, enjoy detailed intimate scenes, revel in light-hearted humor, and spend numerous hours playing through a plethora of hot content.

Life has been smooth for you in a tranquil and small town, alongside a nurturing and beautiful mother. Freshly graduated from school with impressive grades, you are seen as a young man with potential. As an added sweetener to your life, you find yourself as the lone male in a town populated by lonely and desirous women.

Suddenly, fortune smiles upon you even more!
Your dear mother lands a job in the metropolis, leaving you behind in this town amongst her exquisite friends. Seizing this golden opportunity and with goals in mind, you make your move to step into the adult world teeming with unrestricted desire and pleasure.

Which leaves you pondering – who among these women will you approach first? Who will be the one to lead you through your inaugural intimate encounter?

Every decision rests in your hands! Unlimited Pleasure is your portal into a realm brimming with pleasures!

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