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Phuc Mi Island [Android]

Embark on a summer adventure with our main character and his significant other as they escape to a paradisiacal tropical island for their holiday. Immerse yourself in a variety of delightful activities such as diving into refreshing swims, basking in the sunshine, finding tranquility in yoga sessions, exploring the depths with deep sea fishing, zipping across the waves on a jet ski, discovering underwater worlds while snorkeling, and scaling heights with rock climbing. As evening approaches, unwind with a cold beer and indulge in the simple pleasure of toasting marshmallows by a crackling bonfire.

However, the island also pulses with the allure of temptation, heightened by the presence of two other stunning couples. Will you find yourself in an unexpected embrace with one of these captivating individuals? Will your girlfriend uncover any indiscretions, or will she be preoccupied with her own clandestine escapades?

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.3.1.1)
– fixed the event logic on Day 2 which was preventing Kim/Alisha events from happening on Day 2/Day 3
33% more dialogues than Day 2 (10.1k vs 6.8k for Day 2)
15% more renders (318 vs 273)
Go rock climbing with Alisha, or Swimming with Kim
New town/cafe environments
Slight UI modifications
Camera animations added for dramatic effect
All links/mentions to Patreon removed (look for Supporter Packs on shortly!)
QOL change: saved games now automatically record the current Day along with Erik/Katie’s highest routes
Rating: 7.4/10
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