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Uncontrollable Lust [Android]

As you become aware of the growing desire within you, will you pursue a path of conquest or continue to lead the simple life you have known?

Raised in a highly disciplined household, you experienced a love that was impossible to sustain due to your father's inflexible nature. Frustrated and resentful, you eventually fled from your home. Your life thereafter was a tapestry of varied employment, ranging from reputable to questionable, and a journey through diverse locations where you encountered many different people.
In time, your father reached out with the proposition of marriage and stability. After completing her education, your sister joined you, residing together in your new home.
There were moments when you sensed a void in your existence, but the epiphany of what was amiss eluded you until a series of events began to unfold, leading to a newfound awareness.

Now, you reside with your wife and sister in a city far removed from your parental home, while your children are receiving their education overseas.
The narrative takes an unexpected turn upon meeting Debra. Her husband is abroad for professional reasons, and fraught with the lawlessness of her town, she is staying with her mother and sister for safety reasons.

The protagonist's memory is fragmented, but as the story progresses, he will piece together his past and uncover the truths that have shaped his journey.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.11)
Total New Renders = 1550+
v0.11 = 1031
Animations = 487+34
Episode1 – improvements
Gallery has been removed. (For some time)
If you have a problem reading the text in the dialogues, then delete *y_outline.rpy* & *y_outline.rpyc* in the “game” folder.
Note: Please start a new game. (Avoid using outdated mods)
Rating: 8.6/10
390 votes
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