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Hero’s Harem Guild [Android]

In "Hero’s Harem Guild," you embody a humble individual who has risen to the status of a local legend through enduring an intense demonic assault.

As the protagonist, you will command a guild teeming with attractive adventurers eager to toil, hone their skills, and battle at your direction. Your responsibilities involve enhancing the guild's facilities, restoring the damaged town, scouting for new recruits, forging bonds with existing members, and accomplishing various missions in this RPG-inspired universe. Success in your ventures will grant you access to animated and explicit adult content.

Hero's Harem Guild - Snowy Season

Project QT
Changelog (v0.1.2.2)
– Added an online changelog.
– Added a version and patch update notifier, if there’s a new version, you will know instantly!
+ 28 events, most of them for the Snowy Event.
+ 14 Lewd Events. 6 for sex/vaginal and 8 foreplay.
+ 118 Lewd Animations
– Renpy updated from v7.3.5 to v8.0.3. —> Joiplay is probably functional now! <—
– Added a reworked and animated main menu.
– Added a little thanks scene when opening the game.
Snowy Event *New*
– Added a SNOWY EVENT just after finishing the prologue content.
– Your goal is to use candies you gather to trigger lewd and normal scenes until you reach 13 hats.
– To get candies, you can:
• Answer questions about the prologue. (Optional)
• Playing a fishing combat minigame. (Optional)
• Gambling them. (Optional)
• Gather them in loot when fishing, foraging, mining, or doing any other activity. (Optional)
Town Requests *New*
– Town Requests unlock after the 5th day.
– The Request Board will be your workspace. You can organize your requests however you want.
– Every x time, you will receive a new request that asks for specific items.
– Most of the time, the item is much more valuable than if you sell it in a normal shop.
– You can also receive affection when delivering a request.
– There are some “special” green items. You cannot get those items UNLESS you accept the request first.
*Explanation: Adding more ways to get money and reduce the grind is always good. This one is completely focused on the management of your requests, and giving some interesting short-term goals to the player.
Accessories *New*
– Removed the confusing “passive buff” items.
– You can now equip accessories for your tools.
– Now accessories will have a durability bar, instead of having a chance to break.
– Accessories of the same type CANNOT be used together. (You can’t use TWO hooks or TWO baits.)
*Explanation: RNG is not that funny when an accessory breaks 3 times in a row.
In-Game Guided Tutorials *New*
– Added mini-tutorials throughout the game.
– They are extremely small and quick, but force you on seeing features.
*Explanation: A big tutorial window is not enough it seems.
Dialogue Accessibility *New*
– Added three new preferences:
• Dialogue Pauses
• Dialogue Slowdowns
• Auto-Forward Time
Dialogue Pauses: The dialogue pauses when there’s a comma or something that simulates the character taking a break from speaking. This was done so the game could have a more cinematic feel. You can now disable this.
Dialogue Slowdowns: Sometimes the dialogue would just be slower to simulate the character speaking slowly, to add more suspense or as a humor asset. You can now disable this.
Auto-Forward Time: The speed at which the dialogue finishes while you’re in AUTO-PLAY. Added compatibility with sex scenes.
– These features will NOT be disabled in Cutscenes.
– HARD pauses won’t be skippable too. They serve to the humor and timing of expressions. You can still skip it with CTRL.
Cutscenes *Rework*
– New: You can change the music, sound volume, skip or restart the complete cutscene.
– New: There’s a warning whenever a cinematic will happen inside an event.
– New: “Micro” cutscenes.
– Changed: Cutscenes are now properly in sync with the music and sound effects.
– The cutscene WON’T PAUSE when opening the menu.
*Explanation: When a cutscene appears, sit down, and grab a drink. Some of them are basically anime episodes.
**Re-explanation from present Komisari: This text is from chapter 1 so yeah there are long cutscenes of 25 minutes in that chapter but not now.
Experience And Perks *Rework*
– New and modified perks.
– New: Cool particles.
– Changed: Now most perks cost LEVELS and not money.
– Qol: Consuming levels won’t drop % of level progress to 0. It will maintain despite the level.
Fishing *Rework*
– It works the same as always but the performance got greatly improved.
– New: Time left counter.
– New: Little thing around the reel that changes color based on how fast you reel.
– New: Multiple rods and sprites.
– Changed: You don’t have to click the arrow to change where you have to reel. Now it’s automatic.
Girls’ Stats *Rework*
– Now the TALK dialogues will give 25% of the girls needed TOTAL AFFECTION.
– Changed: “Trust And Knowledge” Tutorial is now just “Talking”
– Removed Trust And Knowledge Stats
Guild Board *Rework*
– Removed the CHEST of the Guild Board.
– Girls will now leave items in the GUILD CHEST.
– Girls will now stack money during the day and give money directly to you at the end of the day.
– Girls will now work without interruption and non-stop.
– New “Exhaustion” system:
• Girls will now slowly exhaust when working, based on time worked.
• When they are not tired, they work twice as fast.
• After they are tired, they will get progressively slower.
• If they exhaust, you will receive a penalty in affection.
• When they are not working, they rest and lose exhaustion same speed as they gain it.
• Example;
• Lucy, as a base, as a 42-second trip for the town.
• When you send her, she will come back 21 seconds later.
• After 5 minutes; 28 seconds.
• 10 minutes; 35 seconds.
• 15 minutes; 42 seconds.
• 20 minutes; 6 minutes.
• 30 minutes; 15 minutes, 20 seconds.
– Changed: Workers will heal during the night and midnight instead of working.
– QoL: Added a message when opening the Guild Board at night and midnight.
*Explanation: Take care of them!
Girls’ Deck and Profiles *Rework*
– Better performance.
– New: Animation when hovering the cards, in almost all windows.
– New: Animation when opening both the Girls Deck or a Girl’s Card.
– New: You can now switch between your girls’ cards with an arrow.
– Changed: The “BAR” Affection Bar. Now it’s below the Card instead of the side.
– Changed: Design of the Girls’ Cards.
– Removed: Right Click/Hold feature, sadly. Will probably come back later.
*Explanation: Both the Girls Deck and the Girls’ Cards got some needed performance improvements and some minor changes.
– Added Quest; ‘The House Of The Owl’
– QoL: Now some quests and objectives may have a checklist to get proper feedback on your progress and clearer objectives.
– QoL: Changed “The Broken Door” quest’s name to “The Door Hole” and specified MULTIPLE TIMES that it’s an optional quest and you don’t need to grind for 5 silver at the start of the game.
– Removed Quest; ‘Fly Like A Bird’
Items *Rework*
– New items and item sprites.
– New item types:
• “Quest”
• “Tool”
• “Accessory”
• “Nature”
• “Gift”
• “Mineral”
• “Fish”
• “Trash”
– New: Sounds for items.
– New: Quality rarity showed as the number of stars.
– QoL: Added a more clear durability bar for items and equipped items.
– QoL: You don’t have to give the items needed for the quintuplets to build something. With just having them in the inventory is enough.
– QoL: Items that are possible to sell in the game, when in a shop, are now highlighted in comparison to the other items. And items that are not able to be sold can’t be stored in the shops.
Quickview *Rework*
– Improved: Quickview doesn’t cause tremendous amounts of lag.
– Changed: You can add a maximum of 5 girls.
– It’s a way to closely follow girls to easily see their hints and remaining affection!
– You can add a girl to Quickview from her card.
Quality Of Life
– QoL: Added an “!” in the talk options every time there’s a new ACTION or new TALK option available.
– QoL: People/Locations click-box now are less precise. This will help phone players and players with small monitors.
– QoL: You don’t have to get max affection with a girl to see her TIP when there are no events left with her.
– QoL: You can’t name the MC as an existing character. A special text will appear whenever you try to.
– QoL: Changed the notifications when a girl gets affection. Now specifies if the girl is ready to level up or if you broke the affection limit.
– QoL: Removed the “You are already there” when clicking on an icon that you are already there. Jesus Christ.
– QoL: Notifications are not clickable anymore.
Minor Changes
– New: QUIT menu.
– Changed: Lucy’s dialogue at the end of her Queen event. No, she’s not implying she’s going to die XD.
– Changed: Map’s animations and some details.
– Changed: Evie’s old cinematic ported to the new one.
– Added, probably, lots of bugs. Again.
– There are probably lots of other changes that are not listed in this changelog.
– Fixed some crashes on girls’ talks.
– Fixed crash if you used all candy and you’re left with 0.
– Fixed crash when unlocking gallery scenes.
– “previous_version” crash when starting the snowy event.
– HP bar from rivals in the fishing minigame could be a decimal.
– Fara appeared on Quests before even knowing her.
– Quintuplets inventory showed red even when you had the items.
– “Glitches” gave a crash.
– Quintuplets asked you to put their items in their inventory.
– “Action” option when there’s no action available.
– Spanish: Removed.
Let’s “start”.
Rating: 8.8/10
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