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Town Of Magic [Android]

'Town of Magic' is a complimentary adventure game centered around Celica, a fledgling mage, and her mystical and sensuous escapades in Agranor's enchanted vicinity.

This Adventure Visual Novel lets you steer your path and choose your actions. It boasts a lively pixel art combat system too!

You assume the role of Celica, a girl shrouded in enigma. Arriving in Agranor, she's there to hone her magecraft.
On arrival, the "Red Phoenix Guild," a congregation of mages, extends a cordial welcome. They offer training and mentor you in magical disciplines.
Curiously, monsters develop a sexual allure towards you, hinting at possible links to Celica's history.
Along the journey, you cross paths with intriguing figures possessing murky ethics and intents. Bonds are formed - some friendly, others intimate…
In Agranor, appearances deceive. There's an ancestral chronicle of demon conflicts.
Encountering an enigmatic ghost while on a quest, Celica’s life is poised for an unforeseen turn!

Enjoy an adventure melding visual novel storytelling with RPG dynamics!
Engage with a story brimming with narrative depth and captivating personas while leveling up, acquiring gear, and mastering skills.

Forge Connections
Engage with newcomers to either befriend or alienate, influencing them and potentially gaining allies in your journey and combats.

Embark on a Voyage of Discovery
Navigate freely, making choices that unveil new localities and happenings.

Master Character Possession
As the story advances, gain the ability to inhabit and navigate assorted personas.

Customize Outfits
Select from an array of outfits to personalize Celica's fashion to your liking.

Splendid Visuals, Smooth Animations
Immerse yourself in battles, events, and sensual scenes, enriched with exquisite pixel art.

Combat Encounters
Embark on battles against varied monsters, but watch out as they might try to dominate you!

Amass Magical Gadgets and Gear
Unearth concealed treasures and acquire armaments that enhance abilities, sometimes altering appearances.

Experience Varied Status Effects
Cast conditions like poison, paralysis, or stone on foes, but be wary; they might retaliate!

Dynamic Time Progression
Witness a live day-and-night cycle, affecting the availability of certain events.

Alchemy and Crafting
Utilize recipes to blend items and concoct helpful elixirs!

Magic Spellcasting
Unlock and master diverse spells aiding your mission and fights!

Advance Your Magical Proficiencies
With each level gained, bolster your magical aptitude and learn new techniques from your gear.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.68.008)
– Updated Game Engine to Ren’Py 8.1.3
– Updated Party GUI – (Added influence levels and Body Proficiency)
– 9 New Location Added
– New Game Mechanic Added
– 6 New Events Added
– Updated Existing Character Art
– 3 New Characters Added
– Cloth Variation added for a character
– 2 New Erotic Scenes Added
– New Clothes Set Added (Top, Bottom, Panties, Hat, Shoes)
– New Enemy Added
– New World Map Added
Rating: 8/10
35 votes
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