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This Romantic World [Android]

Set in the same universe known as the "Switchverse" featured in Reinbach's current comic series "Switch" and "This Romantic World." Step into the shoes of Isaac Marx, whose objective is to engage in intimate relations with every woman in town, with the assistance of Switch, a towering demoness with a vibrant purple hue.

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Changelog (v0.9)
This update is all about Bria! Her quest is now fully complete with a choice of two unique story paths available. You’ll need to do some digging with Millie to unlock her, but if you use the included save to skip ahead, you can just talk to Millie once and get started.
New since the test release last week are the background descriptions for the new environment, as well as a change to the janitor’s closet and and some extra dialog for completing Millie’s quest.
The big news is that this is the second to last story update for the game! With Bria, all nine possession candidates can be completed. If you clear all nine (or use the save and just clear Bria,) you’ll unlock a teaser for the upcoming finale!
Rating: 8.3/10
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