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A Petal Among Thorns [Android]

"A Petal Among Thorns explores the dilemma of yielding to desires that clash with societal norms. In the narrative, you embody a middle-aged man seeking solace on a winter retreat with a young woman named Petal, in the aftermath of a disappointing comedy tour. What begins as a serene getaway rapidly evolves as you confront burgeoning feelings of desire for Petal. As you find yourself succumbing to these urges, the fear of potential fallout from this evolving romantic tension with Petal grows.

This interactive role-playing game lets you assign the names of yourself and Petal, offering a personalized adventure. Your decisions will heavily influence the trajectory of the storyline, crafting a unique journey based on your choices."

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Project QT
Changelog (Final)
Hey fans!
I’ve got the final release of A Petal Among Thorns for download at the bottom of this post. I appreciate all of your support. It’s only because of you guys that I could afford to dedicate all my time to these novels. Thank you!
In lieu of a progress report, I’m going to have this post here. I’ve started some of scaffolding of A Moment of Bliss. I’ve created two new characters, built the intro, and today I’m going to work on building the main house. There’s a lot to do, but I’d love to have a release out at the end of April or beginning of May. I’ll certainly keep you guys updated on the progress, and throw some screenshots your way as I have some.
I am going to try to manage some interactive elements in this sequel. There will be clickable objects in scenes and a phone mechanic. However, it won’t be a sandbox. Petal will be a major character. So far there are four love interests. You’ll get to know Rose and Bliss more intimately, and there’s a fourth girl you’ll meet outside of home.
Currently, the phone mechanic is planned to heavily involve Suzi. Suzi is the artificial intelligence that you would have met in Penny’s game if you played it. If not, don’t worry! I’ll introduce you to her in A Moment of Bliss.
All this is concept. Any of these features and ideas can change depending on how progress ebbs and flows.
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