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The Inn [Android]

"The Inn" unfolds as a narrative-centric visual novel crafted using the Ren'Py engine. This humorous take on everyday life playfully satirizes the typical tropes and conventions found within visual novels. It chronicles the unfortunate life of Mike—the protagonist whose name is customizable by the player—as he navigates adulthood in a metropolis since his coming of age at 18. His stretch of tough luck appears poised to shift, for better or worse, following an encounter with a pivotal character.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.08.09)

Revisited Val and Joana’s updates to make all the sexual interactions in them completely optional.
Added a special bit of meta dialogue to Linda’s 3rd SMS talk if the player hasn’t had sex with any of the girls.
Introduced the ability to give the Main Character a custom last name. No more being called Mr. Lítoris!
Added a new viewing mode to the Pin-Ups, Commissions and Replay Galleries. Now you can view them by categories. This feature is toggleable from the main Extras screen.
Added toggleable options to activate or deactivate the pop-up notifications. This is found in the Options Screen.
Modified (hopefully) all screens that had frames in them to use the same frame image. Everything now follows the same design.
Added scrollbars to every screne that has either a viewport or a vpgrid.
Modified the Save Screen so elements of it are more readily readable.
Modified the Options Screen to accomodate changes made due to the addition of Notifications Settings.
The UI elements of the Comissions and Pin-Up galleries will now disappear after a while and reappear once you hover over the area they’re located.
Added Scrollbars to the Commission and Pin-Up galleries for images that are bigger than the screen.
Fixed every string that wasn’t being shown translated when playing in PT-BR. (Big Thanks to zerodead for pointing it out and providing a list of all untranslated strings)
Updated all the replays in the Replay Gallery to reflect the changes incorporeted in this update.
Fixed an issue where players would get stuck not being able to select a girl to watch the movie with during Luana’s day.
Fixed a bunch of other minor issues that have been reported.
Updated the Wardrobe System to include some outfits that should have been added in previous updates.
Remade all the Wardrobe Previews to include the new outfits.
Remade all the Wardrobe Icons to include the new outfits.
Remade all the Profile Backgrounds to include the new outfits.
Reworked the Wardrobe Screen so it’s more intuitive now.
Rating: 8.9/10
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