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Life in Woodchester [Android]

Dirty Sock Games is developing a high-quality adult visual novel that incorporates elements of dating simulation and adventure gameplay.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.11.4)
Gameplay Features
NEW Character Fiona Leprechaun’s aren’t real… are they?
NEW Fiona Storyline Find Fiona’s lost runes!
Gallery Reworked You now have a gallery save file. To unlock scenes, simply get to the most recent chapter for each character. (You can load your previous save files and it will instantly sync)
Added Lily, Cass, Molly Gallery Scenes Along with controllable animations & expressions.
Prevented double tapping (which is considered a right click) from hiding the dialogue on mobile devices.
Cleaned up positioning on Tara 1-0
Cleaned up BG on Janice 1-1
Cleaned up Expressions on Lily 1-0
Fixed Lily HJ, a few faces being blank
Fixed Tara Boob Grab CG in Gallery, it was offset
Fixed Tara Jerk CG in Gallery, it was offset
Fixed array issue with saving the new runes.
Rating: 8.7/10
53 votes
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