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The Genesis Order [Android]

"The Genesis Order marks the latest installment in NLT's engaging storyline, which commenced with Lust Epidemic, progressed through Treasure of Nadia, and is now poised to embark on a fresh narrative arc in late 2021, coinciding with the conclusion of Treasure of Nadia. This new adventure will reunite players with some beloved characters and introduce them to an array of new ones, including 13 captivating new female figures. In The Genesis Order, players will step into the shoes of an aspiring junior detective, eager to earn a living, indulge in his crime-solving passion, and interact with stunning women. The intricate plot unfolds with the expected dose of dramatic twists that fans have come to associate with NLT's creations.

Situated on what once was an ancient tribal settlement, North Santiva has transformed into a modern metropolis teeming with enigmas waiting to be solved. The tale kicks off with an intriguing murder case, setting you on a riveting journey as a detective determined to make an impression on his exceedingly attractive supervisor. As the investigation unfolds, you'll encounter a host of beautiful women, unlock newfound sensual abilities, and grapple with a rampant sexual contagion that has befallen the city.

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