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Tabletop Bornstar [Android]

"TableTop BornStar, also known as TableTop PornStar, presents an adult-oriented visual novel experience interlaced with tabletop gaming elements, such as dice and card play. The narrative unfolds in the glamorous yet seedy world of Hollywood in the year 1999, with the central theme revolving around the concept of moral decay.

Players step into the shoes of a down-and-out talent manager who finds himself restricted to his office due to house arrest. Your role is to steer Mary Jane, an innocent and attractive young woman from the countryside with aspirations of becoming a celebrated actress, on her journey to stardom. The path you choose for her, whether it is filled with exploitation or genuine support, will be determined by your decisions.

Get a glimpse into this enticing and morally complex journey with the TableTop BornStar ."

Project QT
Changelog (v0.6)
– 5 new rounds. The game ends now in round 91. There’s more content to be added in the next update(s) so keep your initial save.
– 5 new gallery images
– Edited entirely by Osanaiko until v0.57.
-A lot of bugs fixed – So many that I wonder how come I didn’t notice them earlier.
– Added red carpet event/party mechanics
– Added new residence for MJ
– Playtested a lot but since I had to change some core mechanics of the game, I would not be surprised if there’s a bug or two… dozen.
– Added a big, new story for Amber’s path. It has a lot of artwork and animations that made me proud.
– Added the Fashion After-Show Party. The story depends on whether you chose Courtney or Lea for fashion days. This is an important event for modelling or nude modelling career. Also, it tights the bond between Lea and MJ.
– Visit by Miguel
– Visit by Drew (if you met her at MJ’s premiere)
Rating: 9.2/10
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