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Dirty Fantasy [Android]

"Dirty Fantasy" is an interactive game where a seemingly average but (un)fortunate individual is thrust into an erotic odyssey. This adventure spans across various realms, in which the player encounters a myriad of enticing women and explorations of different fetishes. Assume the lead role, engage with characters, and revel in an abundance of intimate scenes with women from divergent narratives.

Your initial foray will be into the world reminiscent of "The Witcher," where you can anticipate encounters with intimidating (or tantalizing) creatures, enigmatic spells, covert dangers, and enchantresses. Prepare to ally with a singular female witcher, who will join forces with you to confront a formidable (or perhaps just noteworthy) malevolence.

The game is currently in development stages. Stay tuned for the announcement of the next universe that will expand your sensual escapades!

Project QT
Changelog (v2.7)
The sea journey turned out to be far from the tranquil experience our hero had envisioned… Nevertheless, in the end, our protagonist and their companions managed to reach a new city. And a new city, as it’s well-known, brings forth new adventures. Almost immediately, our hero found themselves entangled in an old conflict, where they will have to make a choice regarding which side to support.
On one hand, there are the law and order, albeit sometimes seasoned with underlying lies and corruption, on the other – there are lawlessness and chaos, open and honest, yet drenched in the sauce of madness. Which of these will resonate more with our hero? Or perhaps, moral choices matter little, and only the personal charm of each side’s representatives holds significance?
The decision is yours.
Witness the story unfolding in the latest update, bringing the new chapter to the Dirty Fantasy visual novel!
Rating: 8.2/10
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