Stranded Dick [Android] Download

Stranded Dick [Android]

Following your high school graduation, you and your peers decide to rent a yacht to make the most of your final summer together. But on one eventful night, disaster strikes as the yacht bursts into flames. Despite valiant efforts to put out the fire, you are forced to leap into the tumultuous sea for safety. By some twist of fate, you find yourself washed ashore on a deserted island—or so it seems. Now the challenge is to survive, as you seek out any other survivors and devise a plan for rescue. The question remains: Can you withstand the trials of this unexpected journey? And perhaps even more crucially, can you woo the women who might be present on this island? Your choices will determine the outcome…

Project QT
Changelog (v0.13)
Almost 700 new images!
4 New Video Scenes
3 New unlockable images (idols mini-quest)
Missions updates!
And a progress bar for the task menu
Rating: 7.2/10
252 votes
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