Horton Bay Stories – Jake [Android] Download

Horton Bay Stories – Jake [Android]

As the final bell of his last high school year rings, Jake Rogers, who also answers to a nickname of your choice, eagerly anticipates the transition to local university life alongside his longtime girlfriend and best friend.

However, a sudden twist of fate upends his well-laid plans, compelling him to rethink his future!

Faced with limited choices, he embarks on a cross-country journey to the seaside haven of Horton Bay to begin anew, determined to carve a new path for himself.

In this coastal retreat, Jake will navigate a world of new connections—from forging deep friendships to igniting love affairs, engaging in fleeting liaisons, to casual encounters—all the threads of human connection.

As he settles into Horton Bay, he will immerse himself in the community, securing work, furthering his education, and unexpectedly becoming entangled in a fierce underworld battle.

Above all, Jake's arrival in Horton Bay marks the commencement of an enthralling saga—"The Horton Bay Stories."

We appreciate your curiosity and hope you find Jake's narrative compelling enough to stay with us for the adventures yet to unfold!

Project QT
Changelog (v0.4.0.4)
Fixed: Handjobs from Lucy at the gym are now correctly tallied up in her bio stats.
Fixed: With NTR on, if Amber never had sex with her stream guest, Bethany’s virginity event will no longer freeze up while NTR is enabled.
Fixed: When you spend Sunday morning alone in your room, reset scripts now fire as intended, resetting uni class attendance/grade changes etc.
Fixed: When discovering Adel’s videos on the Doc’s camera, you must now wait at least 1 day before the next one will become available (providing all other requirements have also been met), as intended.
Fixed: Holding down the skip button while watching photos or videos on your phone no longer causes the UI to break.
Fixed: Compass is now hidden if looking at photos/videos on your phone while outside.
Added: New content to Yoga event (requires Lucy Max attraction 9).
Added: More new content to Yoga event (requires Lucy Max attraction 14).
Added: Frank gives Polly a hand with her Yoga lesson (NTR on).
Added: Abrahms discovers where you work (main story).
Added: Leia gets hired at the Bookshop (main story).
Added: Leia work events added to dreams.
Added: If your housemates become pregnant, there is now a chance to find them experiencing morning sickness in the bathroom.
Added: Can now sell Joints to the skaters at 15:00 (stay and drink beer with them – requires joints in inventory).
Added: After hearing of the Doctor’s sexual prowess from Greg, Regan books an appointment of her own (Requires Greg seen Adel in the Doctor’s office and Completed Regan’s shower event at the Gym – Skatepark, 15:00 – NTR on).

NOTE: Because of the hard requirement to be quite far into Adel’s corruption path in order to unlock the Regan/Doctor event, there is also another hidden optional way to unlock it while keeping Adel pure.

Added: Three new video collectibles (NTR on).
Rating: 7.2/10
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