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Sin To Heaven [Android]

Our narrative unfolds with a young protagonist who ventured from his hometown seeking advanced education. His time spent at an international boarding school was filled with formative adventures and connections pivotal to his forthcoming tale.

As we commence, our lead character makes his way back to reconnect with his landlady and kin. Faced with the crossroads of his life, he contemplates the paths that might lead him to true joy.

Unexpectedly, it doesn't take long before he's thrust into situations presenting the option to woo the various women he encounters. The direction of this story rests in your hands—your decisions will sculpt the relationships you cultivate with these women.

Will you strive for triumph and assert control over those you meet, or will you opt for a more relaxed approach, letting life unfold as it will? The choice is yours.

In "Sin to Heaven," you step into the shoes of a male lead.

Thank you for playing my game and your support is greatly appreciated. Stay safe and have a wonderful day.

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Project QT
Changelog (v0.4)
-updated new dialogues.
-added new animations!
-updated “Special Thanks” message to supporters in Game menu menu screen.
-added “Special Thanks Splashscreen”
-fixed bugs, typos.
Rating: 9/10
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  1. July 14, 2023 at 12:20 am

    Wow, another visual novel where an indecisive dude can’t figure out life unless he’s surrounded by a harem of waifus. Hope you packed enough cringe dialogue and awkward ‘choices’ to fuel the forever-alone simulator. 10/10 would question my life decisions while playing again