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Monolith Bay [Android]

"Our story revolves around a youthful male protagonist who relocates to Monolith Bay, a quaint seaside village steeped in peculiar history, in a quest to extricate his parents from a purgatorial existence. With the support of his stepsister and his eccentric scientist uncle, he embarks on this daring rescue mission. But there's more to this town than one could initially perceive, and the same can be said for his enigmatic uncle...

- Monolith Bay "

Project QT
Changelog (v0.20.0)
-All Ginger dating sequences
-A gallery to replay many of the games key moments
-Improved Violet at beach sex scene + Voice acting
-Preview of new experimental ejaculation system
-New minigame with Ginger to increase fitness stat
-One new moan sound and different moan tone for different girls
-MC now gets addressed as female in Futa mode (thanks to the help of the community)
-New gifts (now 10 total), and every gifts has unique dialogue for every girl
-Improved town people, now have 30 new conversations depending on your state in the game and with dialogue choices to improve stats
-After finding 30 stones the last 10 start glowing much brighter, this should make finding the last few a lot more easy, especially at night
-Pizza minigame now at least pays $10 for completion
-UE4 logo and loading symbol on startup, to reduce confusion about it being stuck loading
-Fixed getting stuck on door after violet open world dating
-Many minor bug fixes

You can play with mouse and keyboard or controller.
Using a controller to play is recommended. But for some UI things, you need to use the mouse for now.
Rating: 7.5/10
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