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Shuggerlain [Android]

The continent of Shuggerlain sets the stage for our latest venture, where all the unfolding drama and action will take place. At the heart of our tale is Nulkan, a respected captain from one of the cities within the nation of Ashtera.

However, Ashtera is merely one among ten distinct nations that span the breadth of Shuggerlain. The diversity of its inhabitants is vast, with some regions being home to humans, some to anthropomorphic beings known as furries, and others to creatures that are neither human nor furry.

In a world so rich and varied, it's only natural that there would be at least ten principal female characters, each weaving their own thread into the story.

Drawing on the strong narrative style of visual novels similar to our previous work on Space Paws, this game will integrate a potent storytelling component. Yet, it will also draw inspiration from strategic and conquest-driven titles such as Advance Wars, Sengoku Rance, Kichikou Rance, and Eiyuu Senki. The gameplay will involve gathering and leading troops, overtaking other nations, and progressing through the narrative.

This game is crafted using the Ren'Py visual novel engine, promising players an engaging and dynamic experience.

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