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Drain Mansion [Android]

You find yourself suddenly roused to consciousness within the eerie confines of a deserted, dark mansion with no recollection of your arrival. Your paramount objective is to navigate your way out of this ominous abode and return to the safety of your home. However, the presence of cunning traps and sinister demons within the mansion's walls threatens to impede your escape. Will you outwit the perils that inhabit this place and reclaim your freedom, or will the ominous allure overpower your resolve?

In this immersive experience, your survival hinges on adeptly avoiding your pursuers, unraveling the mysteries of your surroundings through intricate environmental puzzles, and remaining undetected. A single mistake could spell your doom, leaving you at the mercy of the relentless entities that desire nothing more than to ensure your downfall.

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Project QT
Changelog (v1.4.0a)
– Added Catgirl’s CG.
– Changed Nightmare mode to Hardmode.
– You can now save and heal in Hardmode.
– Enemies can now be escaped but are now twice as hard to escape from and they still deal twice as much pleasure damage.
– The game has some additional traps and boss enemy logic behaviors making the overall experience harder.
– The last boss has an extra ability in hardmode.
Rating: 7.6/10
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