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Shattered Minds [Android]

Shattered Minds is a sprawling open-world adventure where you assume the role of a college student whose life takes a dramatic turn upon discovering the ability to manipulate the thoughts of others. Armed with this newfound power, you set out to fulfill your greatest dreams, desires, and ambitions. The game offers an expansive universe filled with numerous quests, characters, storylines, and places for you to explore and dominate at your will.

The game is enriched with an array of animations, an officially licensed soundtrack, and immersive sound effects, providing an atmospheric setting for your journey. Prepare yourself for an enticing journey brimming with sultry escapades, all woven into a captivating narrative that combines elements of mystery, humor, and intrigue.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.08)

added the quest “Spicy Sin-ema” (Sarah)
Visit the cinema with Sarah and experience a spicy time!
added the quest “Model Boyfriend” (Sarah)
Show off your best side at dinner with Sarah’s parents. Make an impression on them and win Sarah’s heart.
added the quest “Further Studies” (Chloe/roommate)
Continue to explore Chloe’s sexuality and spark her desire to try something new…
get a new member for your harem: Sarah
added a new clothing option for Ava: her elf outfit
added a new location: The beach
bug fixes, spelling corrections and improvements of existing content
Rating: 8.4/10
312 votes
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