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Her Little Secret [Android]

You're youthful, employed, surrounded by wonderful friends, and your existence is meaningful. Everything appears satisfactory except for romance. Your experience with romantic relationships, particularly with women, is scant. Love is what you yearn for, yet you're uncertain of where to begin your quest. After all, intimacy is a natural human desire. You're just a regular, somewhat nerdy individual striving to live an ethical life. Your path crosses with several interesting women who become entangled in your daily routine. But there's one who stands out—she captivates you and introduces you to exhilarating experiences. She's mysterious and extraordinary, and it's up to you to uncover the truth. Step into the narrative of "Her Little Secret," leave behind a life devoid of romance, and indulge in the affection you've been missing.

Project QT
Changelog (v0.2.8)
Improvements and changes:
-To-do list added on Day 1
-Home navigation UI reworked
-Tweetagram, social media app added
-Day 24 contents added
-Ciera scene 3 added
-Penny scene 3 added
-Kienna scene 5 added
Players who are continuing from day 23 (v0.2.7) won’t have access to tweetagram posts from day 1 but I did add a debug where you can at least load posts from day 14 to 23. There are over 60 posts added from day 1 to day 24.
Known Bug – Freeroam animations does not transition into ejaculation animation
Rating: 7.9/10
309 votes
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