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Shard Of My Soul [Android]

CHAPTER 8 v1.7
Nineteen-year-old Kathleen has an older sister named Viola, who mysteriously vanished several months back without leaving any clues behind. No one has been able to contact Viola since she disappeared. While Kathleen is nearly coming to terms with this unsettling situation, she's about to embark on a new chapter: her first day of college is looming. It's the same college Viola attended, a fact that feels like more than mere coincidence. As Kathleen steps into this new phase of her life, it's up to her to find her way, balancing her studies and social life, forming new friendships, and perhaps even sparking a romance. However, the joy of these experiences is shadowed by the unresolved absence of her sister. Can Kathleen truly embrace her college days while grappling with the unknown fate of Viola? Will she stumble upon any clues to her sister's disappearance? The direction Kathleen's life takes is now in your control...

Project QT
Changelog (CHAPTER 8 v1.7)
Chapter 8 v1.7

Kat’s story continues (day 26 – 29, Saturday – Tuesday),
new erotic scenes (4 replayable scenes, respecting the results of the Patreon kink poll),
3 new achievements,
addition of character images to calls and messages,
recompression of some audio files to decrease installation size,
fix of a bug that caused Kat to wear nothing… in public,
several smaller bugs in previous chapters were fixed.
Rating: 9/10
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