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Alvein [Android]

"Alvein: I Became a Hero, but..." is an adult-oriented RPG imbued with challenging puzzles, narrative twists, perilous quests, and notably, captivating women each with their own distinct stories and characteristics.

As the protagonist, you shoulder the legacy of your father's passing, while facing the imminent peril threatening your native village and its inhabitants. In the role of the young hero, whose prowess may initially seem underwhelming, you will demonstrate remarkable wit and fortuitous charm.

Step into the shoes of the protagonist, prove your worth as the destined Great Guardian, defend Alvein, and capture not just the admiration but also the hearts and desires of the women you encounter on your journey.

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Project QT
Changelog (v99E)
Cooking potions, drinking potions, Sirius’s birthday, a castle with vampires, necromancers, adventures, panties, a nightclub and Ada!
What’s new:
1. Ada‘s story update:

Massage scene. Completely redrawn, rewritten and animated.
Foot scene. Completely redrawn, rewritten and animated.
Potion scene. Animated.
Pie scene. Animated.
Kiss scene. Animated.
Panties scene. (Mini-scene)
Love scene. Animated. 
And a bunch of little scenes for a better vibe.~

This time, we’ve gone all out on the side art, like little scenes in quests or different angles in scenes. Plus, we’ve given Ada a makeover in all her previous art to match her new look.
Out of the 1127 pictures in the game, we’ve added or changed 272 in this update.
We’ve also completely rewritten all of Ada’s dialogues from scratch to better suit the current state of the game. You’ll definitely notice the positive changes.
But don’t worry, Ada’s personality is the same… (Even better, actually.)
2. Bathhouse new scene!
Emilia won the last poll. So…
Two phases. Conversation and animated scene.
By the way, you can invite her to the bathhouse after the quest at Nicole’s house. (She will be happy to come with you)
3. New features:
– WASD controls have been added to the game. For those who like to play with their left hand while their right hand is busywith more engaging activities. Like drinking coffee or something…

WASD – walk
E – select, confirm
Q – exit, cancel

– Now you can change names of the Main Character and Emilia. Whenever you want.
What’s changed:
– We redrew Ygritte’s splashart.
And this was the last splash art that required an update. Now the art throughout the game looks harmonious.
We’ve also made small improvements, like adding lighting to the Swamp map and so on.
What’s fixed:

Now you can’t invite Taya to the bathhouse at the first meeting.
Minor errors and bugs.
Rating: 8.4/10
216 votes
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